Taiwan, Formosa, the beautiful island. Okay, for excessively overcrowded, polluted and concrete-riddled values of ‘beautiful’. Still, I’ve made this place my home and must learn to deal with it. And of course by ‘deal with it’ I mean escape into books wherever possible. Here’s where I’ll be telling you about the latest wonders I’ve uncovered on my Kobo* and hoping I can inspire you to pick them up yourself. There may be forays into related topics as well, who can say? Hope you enjoy your visit.

*Yes, I infinitely prefer paper books but needs must. The financial and environmental costs of having piles of dead tree flown over here just for me are too high to bear. And no, it’s not a Kindle. You only buy a Kindle if you don’t care about actually owning the content you purchase. Feel free to ask me what I mean but be warned, you may trigger Rant Mode.

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  1. Bett yu

    Mr. Jones do you speak Taiwanese? Are you still live in Taichung? Thanks for a great review of Charles’s book.
    We are the patents of Charles YU, we both were born in Taichung. We are now live in USA.

    • You are very welcome for the review, your son is a talented author and I hope you are proud of him! I don’t speak Taiwanese but I am learning Mandarin. It is very difficult to find Taiwanese classes. I do still live in Taichung, it is a wonderful city and I plan to be here for a long time. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it.

  2. Bett yu

    Thanks for your kind and sweet words. My husband Charles’s dad loves to live Taichung and Tainan, if he has choice, he would love to live there for his retirement. But I have hard time to adjust the whether there after live in southern Californis for forty plus years. My hobby will be back there on this Wensday, if you like, we can bring you a signed copy from Charles for you.

    • Wow, I would love it if you could do that, that’s so kind! I only have an electronic copy for my ebook reader so I would love to have a real copy and especially a signed one!

      And I understand why he would want to retire to Tainan, it’s my favourite place to visit in Taiwan. If I found a job there I would be very tempted to move 🙂

  3. Bett yu

    Charles lives different city with us, it is very difficult for weekday get a signed copy from him, since my husband leave in less of two days, Charles works as an attorney for his day job. But I promise you next time, we will get you one. If possible please send me through my email. How you would like to address for your copy. Or I love my husband to meet you this time in either Taichung or Taiwan. I can give you his cell or home phone.

    • I tried to send an email several times but it keeps saying your email address is wrong. If you can check it and then reply to this message then I would love to say hi to your husband while he is in Taichung 🙂

  4. Bett yu

    Dylanbyu09@gmail.com sorry the early one is wrong I just changed

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