Crosslink: The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

Silly me, I keep forgetting to link to the reviews which I post over at Splendibird’s blog. Oh well, time to make up for lost time. The most recent was Lauren Beukes exceedingly original and well-paced time-travel thriller, The Shining Girls. Set in an immaculately recreated Chicago it tells the tale of Kirby Mazrachi, a gifted young girl who is visited by a mysterious stranger as a child. Years later, the incident totally forgotten, she finds herself savagely assaulted and left for dead by the same man, aged not a single day. Disturbed in the middle of his attack, he disappears and is never heard of again, not until a grown Kirby starts piecing together various seemingly unconnected murders around the Chicago area spanning back almost a century.

Go check out the full review at Mountains Of Instead!


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Filed under Detective, Science Fiction, Thriller

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