Crosslink – The Dog Stars/Blackbirds

Forgot to link to a couple of reviews I did for The Mountains Of Instead recently.

First up is Peter Heller’s The Dog Stars, a very touching post-apocalyptic tale which threatens to cast you into a pit of depression but instead ends on a wonderfully uplifting note. Ostensibly the story is about Hig, a former pilot who is one of the few survivors of a virulent plague which decimated mankind, leaving only a few groups of stragglers behind. He struggles through his day to day existence with the company of his ageing beagle, Jasper, and survivalist gun nut Bangley. Every day is spent dwelling on the past, the loss of his wife and the dim prospect of continuing like this until a pointless end. However, further tragedy soon leads him to re-evaluate his lot and start making changes. You can read the full review here.

Second we have an entirely different beast, Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig. This is the tale of Miriam Black, a woman drifting from town to town across the USA, leaving a trail of bodies in her wake. Miriam is no murderer, rather she is cursed with the ability to see the precise manner and time of anyone’s death simply by making skin contact. Full of self-loathing and anger, she follows those she knows are about to die, waiting like a vulture in the background before relieving them of their now-superfluous cash. Unfortunately this kind of power cannot remain secret for long and soon she is pursued by some rather dark elements who seek to use it for their own ends. Check it out here.

Been quiet this week because it’s Chinese New Year so I’ve been playing gigs, visiting my girlfriend’s family and diving – I saw a cuttlefish family! Whoop! Normal service will resume as of tomorrow if I can shift my ass back into gear. Coming up between here and The Mountains Of Instead will be The Hydrogen Sonata, 2312, Looking For Alaska, How To Survive In A Science Fictional Universe, The Boy With The Cuckoo-Clock Heart and more. See you soon…


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